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Company Profile

A brand operation company integrating product development, design, production and marketing, the company has a deep brand culture, professional production capacity, rich experience in international operation management and marketing promotion, a sound and stable sales logistics network, and has been widely recognized by peers in the industry.


In recent years, the market has changed dramatically. After in-depth market research, the company's senior management has launched the terminal chain franchise plan with new situation and new mode; In order to further optimize the market resources and sales network market and achieve higher level of brand benefits, the company has conducted a re scheduling and integration both internally and externally; Make its advantages in the market more prominent, and make great achievements in the market, and become the leader of similar model brands.


In order to meet the needs of brand market development, the company further strengthened the investment in the production base and the development and management of products such as silver bags, belts, handbags and bags; We should also strengthen the market research on consumers and achieve the development concept of "only customers can think of, there is nothing we can't do". Therefore, we have every reason to believe that the future of the brand will be better, the market will be wider, and we will make due contributions to the development of China's leather goods!

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